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Chinese investment helps stabilize socialist rule in Vietnam

By Ding Gang As dusk descended and lights started to illuminate the streets, our car drove into Hanoi. Roads are smoother and wider than they were when I had my first visit to the city six years ago. Overpasses have emerged, and although motorbikes still dominate the highways, the number …

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Save the nation!

pushpa column

By PR Pradhan Political leader, freedom fighter and social worker Dil Bahadur Shrestha is no more with us as he departed for the heavenly journey on 18 September. Nevertheless, we cannot forget things he has done for the nation and he will remain immortal in the history of the nation. …

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Mere Tampering


Two points to be made. Outsourcing Nepali decision making that makes implementing difficult. From whosesoever sources, yet to be owned up to, the republican, federalist secular agenda was thrust upon Nepali constitution-making, implementation must necessarily be by Nepalis. The constitution that has yet to be implemented remains admittedly in the …

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On War, Threats of War & War of Words

By Prabasi Nepali Nepal’s Constitution par excellence The first anniversary of the promulgation of the constitution was marked by a special celebration in the UN headquarters in New York last Saturday. Addressing the distinguished gathering of foreign ministers and diplomats from around the globe, foreign minister PrakashSharanMahat claimed that the …

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Ruined economy: Who to be responsible?


By Prajwal Shrestha We have everything but we don’t have anything. Today, in the era of this ‘loktantra” Nepal’s main source of earning foreign currency has become remittance revenue. From a exporter country, we have become an import based nation. If we look back to the history, Nepal had surplus …

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Is another India-Pakistan war imminent?

MR josse

By MR Josse KATHMANDU: Is a fourth general war between India and Pakistan imminent? If one were to go solely by the bellicose statements of a phalanx of armchair warriors and would-be strategists in India such a deduction might seem irresistible. Such a grim conclusion might appear equally inescapable hearing …

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Brutalities will not suppress the spirit of Kashmiris


By Muhammad Nawaz Sharif The international order established after the Second World War is passing away, but a new order has yet to emerge. Competition between the major powers is becoming more confrontational. This can pose serious threats to peace across Asia. A new Cold War threatens to engulf Europe. …

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Prioritizing actions against growing IS cyber-terrorism threat


Pramod Raj Sedhain Global terrorism dimensions are rapidly changing. International terrorist networks and their affiliates are growing tech-savvy. Terrorist groups have transformed their organizations from illiterate rural-based small militant groups to modern high-tech operational capabilities. Cyber space is becoming a key instrument of jihadists in their recruitment radicalization. Modern technological …

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Upper Marsyangdi ‘A’ starts power production


Kathmandu, Sept. 27:Upper Marsyangdi ‘A’ hydroelectricity project Monday started generating electricity. Minister for Energy Janardan Sharma Pravakar announced the commencement of power generation by the project. With it 25 megawatt electricity has been connected to the national grid. The hydropower project with 50 MW capacity in Bhulbhule VDC of Lamjung …

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NRB starts circulating new banknotes

Nepal Rastra Bank (NRB) has started circulating new banknotes for the upcoming festive season to the public from Sunday. Though the central bank itself will distribute new banknotes to the public from October 2, it started distributing such notes to the bank and financial institutions (BFIs) from Sunday. The central …

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