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Indians encroach Nepali land


By Our Reporter In many bordering villages with India in Sunsari District, Indians have constructed huts and houses by encroaching in Nepali soil, according to reports. In Sripur, Haripur, Narsingha, Laukaha, Ghuski, Basaantapur, DevanGunj, Amaduwa, Rajganj, Sinubari and Sahebgunj VDCs, hundreds of bighas of land have been encroached by the …

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How justifiable is the demand for pension to ex-MPs?

By Our Reporter At a time when the top politicians have been busy blowing the state coffers under different pretexts, the former members of parliament have demanded pension and other facilities. Their demand, which was strongly opposed by a negligible number of ex MPs themselves, has raised questions whether the …

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Why are human rights activists, media indifferent to Gangadevi Adhikari?


By Our Reporter Ganga Devi Adhikari of Fujel, Gorkha, has been staging fast-onto death demanding legal actions against the murderers of her youngest son  Krishna Prasad Adhikari.  Her husband Nanda Prasad Adhikari died two years ago while staging hunger strike putting forth the same demand. The poor widow is now …

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By Our Reporter A debate between Deputy Prime Minister Bimalendra Nidhi and UML vice chairman Bhim Rawal turned nasty both exchanging harsh words. While Rawal accused DPM Nidhi of being an Indian agent, Nidhi accused Rawal of being the agent of the European Union. The debate between the two had …

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Attempt to finish Nepali language?


By Our Reporter After the abolition of Monarchy, disturbing the communal and religious harmony and sowing the seed of division among the people living in different geographies in the name of federalism, now attempts are underway to finish the Nepali language as well as Nepali literature.  These people have very …

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Late King Birendra Bir Bikram Shah. Photo: THT/ File

By Our Reporter It has been 15 years since King Birendra and his entire family members were massacred at the Narayanhity Palace and it has been nine years since former king Gyanedra was dethroned unlawfully. But still the powerful leaders of Nepal, who have earned bad name for working in …

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When will Prachanda announce common minimum programme?

It has already been more than one month since Pushpakamal Dahal “Prachanda” assumed office as the chief executive for the second time, yet, he is to announce common minimum programme of his government. When will he announce it? Possibly after consultation with Modi, let’s expect!

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Foreign agents

None other than the responsible leaders are being alleged as being agents of India and the West! At the presence of the Prime Minister, DPM and Home Minister BimilendraNidh alleged former DPM and Defence Minister BhimRawal as being a Western agent. In reaction, Rawal alleged Nidhi as being an Indian …

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Politics of pre-emption?


By Maila Baje Khum Bahadur Khadka is a restless man. He has been edgy for quite a while. The Nepali Congress luminary is said to have around half a dozen central committee members and twice that number of lawmakers in his camp. He has been seeking the party’s vice-presidency, citing …

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Long live Nepal-Japan relations!

pushpa column

By PR Pradhan It has already been 60 years since the establishment of diplomatic relations between Nepal and Japan. In 1956, the diplomatic relation was established between the two countries, however, I wish to say it before the beginning of the formal relations, we had century-old relations that both the …

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