Tuesday , September 18 2018
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Former home minister is still missing

By Our Reporter
From last Sunday nobody knows whereabouts of former home and foreign minister Madhab Sharma after the vehicle he was raiding plunged into the Trishuli River near Kurintar in the Prithivi Highway. Until writing of this report on Tuesday afternoon, the search team was unable to know about him and his two brothers who were also in the same vehicle.
The question is that when the government is unable to say whereabouts of a former VIP, what about the general public?
There are major two reasons for increasing level of accident taking place in the country. First of all, the drivers are not disciplined and the condition of roads is not good. The other reasons are the condition of the vehicles and lack of necessary information about the road condition.
The spot from where the vehicle with Ghimire plunged into the river is said to be the sensitive area identified as accidental area. But the caution board or any speed control notice must be missing.
According to reports, Ghimire himself was driving the vehicle and the accident took place when he overtaken a vehicle, trying to catch his lane.
The government collects 240 percent tax in import of the vehicles. Besides, every year, the vehicles are to be renewed and the renew charge (vehicle tax) starts from minimum 20 thousand rupees as per the horse power of the engine.
One of the major sources of the government revenue has become revenue collected from vehicles but the government has never given priority on upgrading the roads. In result, we are witnessing more and more road accident taking place in the country.
After collecting such a huge amount as transportation tax, this is the government duty to develop rescue mechanism as well. Contrary to that even after days of the accident, the government is even unaware whereabouts of a former minister.

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