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Restore monarchy for nation’s prosperity

By Divya Singh Rathore
Ottobon Bismark, Chancellor of Germany one of the greatest political realist in the modern political world, unified Germany and made it one of greatest nation of the world. His patriotism is unparalleled. Veteran American professor John Williams described him as one of the greatest icons of the European civilisation. Bismark was a great German but his nationalism was for strong monarchy. He did not just unite Germany but alsofurther strengthen the Germany royal institution. He believed that strong Germany was only possible under the leadership of monarchy.
Oxford professor Lord Robert Blake is one of the best known historians of the contemporary world. In his famous speech at Gresham College London, he has analysed all the monarchical nations in the world from Bhutan to Thailand, Norway to Britain and dynamism was created, prospered and sustain only under the leadership of monarchy. From Alexander the great to NepoleanBonapart, from Kubala Khan to Gangez Khan, from Queen Elizabeth to Victoria, from Akbar to Ashok, to Rama to Krishana all of them made a significant contribution for the enhancement of peace, prosperity and welfare of the public. This is the human history.
Our country Nepal is a tiny nation between two giants China and India, but it was unified in 1768 by the Great Gorkha king Prithvi Narayan Shah. Great European powers like Britain, France and Spain where in competition in creating their colonies. If the tiny nationswere not unified to the present shape of Nepal, the history could have been different.
Nepal was ruled by different dynasties from cow and buffalos hurtto last present monarch Gyanendra in its 4000 years of history of the nation. Nepal produced greatest poet in the classical era, Balmiki from present Triveni to Astabakra, present Janakpur, from SidharthGautam to Panini, from Janak to king Birat, all contributed to the great civilisation. Development and stable society werethe prime goals of the monarchs. Nepal had produced great architect like Arniko. It was under the leadership of monarchy. Even talking about Nepali history, the country had achieved development and prosperity of the nation during the dynamic leadership of the monarchy in the country.
On 1st June 2001nine members of the royal family including King Briendra and Queen Aishwarya, were massacred. It was a great tragedy in the human history. There are different interpretationson how the tragic event happened. But a special committee formed under the chairmanship of the then Speaker of Nepal concluded that late prince Dipendra was responsible for that bloody act.
The then Prince GyanendraBirBikram Shah was ascend to the throne after demise of the entire members of King Birendra.  Of late, on 28 May 2008, the institutional monarchy was removed following a decision of the constituent assembly meeting. Cambridge famous historian Sir Richard Evans, in his famous speech on Conspiracy Theory explained that how opponents created different rumours to mislead the public. He gave example from the false rumour of the murder of former US president J F Kennedy to the present spins doctors.The same trick was adopted by the Nepalese republicans in the beginning, there was big rumour in Nepal that Pampa Devi, the nick name giving to queen Aishwarya has a huge black money in Swiss banks but now the evidence proves that there was no bank account and no deposit in the foreign banks in the name of Queen Aishworya. On the contrary, it was revealed that the present republicans hold a huge amount of black and illegal money in the Swiss accounts, so that was only the conspiracy created by the republicans to defame the institution of monarchy. Another stunningpropaganda was created after the royal palace bloodbath. They alleged that the tragic event was masterminded by then then Prince Gyanendra and his sonParas. BaburamBhattarai and other Indian intelligence officials made a big conspiracy in support of their false propaganda. Later, Pushpakamal Dahal “Prachanda”, BaburamBhattarai, Madhav Nepal, among others, came to the power but neither they investigated nor provedKingGyanendra and his songuilty. It was just a conspiracy to defame the institution of monarchy. Republicans have propensity to create such rumour even in the past such as the death of the MadanBhandari and diggingbuncars against India.
Sinceabolition of the institution of monarchy in Nepal, the country has neither witnessed peace and prosperity in the nation, nor experienced any welfare relief plans for the people. The country is in the verge of collapse. The republicans are practicing corruption, neoplasm,sycophancy and mal-governance fulfilling their pity interests. They sold out national industries and pushed the country back towards the 17-18 century Atlantic slave trading era. Most of the youths are compelled to work as slaves in different countries such as North America, Europe, Japan, Australia, Gulf and Arabian Peninsula. This is an example of the 18 century Atlantic slave trading era that our youths are spending their lives.
When the youths didn’t get opportunity within the country, human traffickers, by showing sweet dreams to the youths, smuggled the youths to the foreign countries. These youths lack legal documents and are compelled to spend difficult life in the foreign countries.
Oxford professor Mary Bossana, in her recent speech on migrant workers, said that the most suffered in the world are domestic workers, migrant workers and illegal migrants. 90% of the Nepalisgone abroad belong on this category. Today, the republicans are running the country from the money received through remittance sent by our youths doing dirty works in the foreign countries.
Nepali rulers are primarily engaged for selling babies. According to a famous American professor, two hundred thirty million people in North America and Europe want to bring foreign children to their country. He further says, both Europe and North America law is very strict, therefore these customers imported babies from third world like Nepal. It cost them thirty thousand USD. In Nepal we have Ministry of Women and Child welfare, they collect babies in the name of adoption and make huge amount of money but evidence show that most of the children became victim of sex abuse. Justice Morang defines it as an international crime against humanity. Nepalese authorities are responsible for selling human organs.
In the name of civil war seventeen thousandinnocentpeople were killed. In the name of economic prosperity, they sold all our industries and also our youths, children, human organs, rhinoceros, elephants ivory. In the name of democracy they have created an epithet between resident and non-resident Nepalese, in the name of social justice they have created castes, racism, in the name of socialism, they have created a huge feudal system, in the name of diplomacy they have imported several NGOs and foreign agents, in the name of revolution they have almost surrender the country.
Thus as Bismarck said, “The stability and prosperity of the nation is only possible under a strong monarchy.” British learned this lesson after the great fire and plague, now we Nepalese should learn from the last 10 years of republican rule that we do not have any alternative except to reviving the institution of monarchy. Otherwise we have to suffer tyranny, corruption, lawlessness, anarchy and lastly a colony of a foreign nation.

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