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Constitution implementation through fast track?

pushpa columnThe constitution was promulgated through a fast track process and it seems, the political leaders are going to implement the constitution through the very same fast track process. However, it is obvious this process will invite an accident if the present leasers try to run faster than the maximum limit.
Until now, the political leaders, constitutional experts and intellectuals are expressing doubts about the total implementation of the constitution before 21 January, 2018. The final deadline to implement the constitution is 21 January, 2018, i.e. completing local, provincial and federal elections by the given date. Looking after the present activities of the political parties in power and also in opposition, it seems impossible to meet this deadline. However, the past practices show that at the eleventh hour, under foreign influence, the political leaders have been found taking wrong decisions. To recall the past days, when the Maoists put forward the agenda of constituent assembly election, there was no sign of holding elections but at the last hours, the elections were held. The first constituent assembly collapsed without the promulgation of the constitution and there was no environment of holding the second constituent assembly elections, but that also took place. Until one month earlier, there was no sign of any promulgation of the constitution by the 2nd Constituent Assembly, but this was done through a fast track. Now, although there is no environment of implementation of the constitution, it is hard to believe that the constitution will not be implemented considering the past scenario that in very adverse situations also, the political parties have been able to work to accomplish the works assigned to them by the foreigners. In fact, the political leaders, not due to their own conscience, but because of the forces behind the curtain, have accomplished the job. This doesn’t mean that the political leaders are working in the larger interests of the nation and the people, but they are doing all the works in foreign interests. To borrow KP Sharma Oli’s words that he had coined a proverb on the present coalition government, “an iPhone which is made in America but assembled in China, similarly, this government formed in Nepal but has been assembled elsewhere.” The same applies with the constitution also, which is made in Nepal by the Constituent Assembly but assembled elsewhere. True, according to noted freedom fighter and NC leader PL Singh, this constitution has been drafted by the INGOs, therefore, it is not acceptable to the Nepali people.
Of course, a large section of the people are against the present constitution, although, the political leaders are claiming that above 90 percent of the people’s representatives have endorsed this constitution. According to constitutional expert Bhimarjun Acharya, the political leaders have deceived the real people. He explained that when suggestions from the general public was collected, within two days, more than two hundred thousand people had participated and they had advised against secularism and federal structure adopted by the new constitution. However, foreign paid political leaders discarded the suggestions of the general people. Acharya also claimed that the constitution cannot be implemented within the given deadline, therefore, more likely, the political leaders, through a consensus, will further extend the deadline as in the past. Our political leaders laude democracy and constitutionalism, but they have failed to practice constitutionalism as they believe, they are above the constitution.
The Westerners, by influencing the political leaders through money, and they have planned to finish Nepali identity and even have planned to split the nation to fulfill their vested interests. The political leaders have already sold out their loyalty, dignity and ethics of being a Nepali and serving the foreign interests by fulfilling their petty interests. If the present constitution is implemented, sooner or later, we are going to lose our nation and national identity. At a time when the parliament is introducing one after another law needed to implement the constitution, the streets are hit by the real Nepalis demanding restoration of the 1990 constitution which had secured space to all the actors. The voices of the streets have been suppressed even by the mainstream media. In fact, the 1990 constitution was written by the Nepalis themselves and the constitution was for unity, peace and prosperity of the Nepalis and Nepal. However, the foreign elements didn’t want to see a prosperous Nepal, hence, the country witnessed the bloody “people’s war” killing above 17 thousand innocent people. Today, along with the dawn of the Maoists who were responsible for killing of such innocent people, the foreigners aim to finish our identity. In the name of modifying Nepali language, they are trying to finish our language; they, by discarding our national dress Daura-Sulwar, are trying to finish our Nepali identity. The institution of monarchy was the Nepali identity and symbol of unity but they have removed the institution just to make happy their foreign bosses who have funded them with hefty amounts of dollars. After pleasing the Westerners, presently, the political leaders are trying to amend the constitution to make happy the Indians. They are willing to separate our tarai districts from the hill districts and also they aim to increase the Indian population by providing naturalized citizenship to the foreigners (Indians) who will get married to the Nepali citizens. If the political leaders wish to introduce the provision of granting naturalized citizenship, they should think about the future structure of the population. By considering a threat in the future, Bhutan adopted a silent policy to discourage her citizens from marrying any foreign citizens. Unfortunately, we lack such a silent policy, however, the Indians have the policy of increasing their population in this tiny Himalayan country. Our political leaders have either forgotten the history of Sikkim annexation or they are eager to become the new avatars of Lhendup Dorje, as separating the tarai districts is a move to split this nation.
The question is that if the political leaders of the day want to write their names in golden letters in the history of the country, still they have time to dispose the present constitution by restoring the 1990 constitution, otherwise, it they want to write their names in black letters with the status of traitors, one cannot save them but they should give a glance at Lhendup Dorje who had the death like a dog. After India annexed Sikkim with the help of Dorje, he was totally discarded by the people in Sikkim and he was even unable to go to Sikkim, therefore, he had to spend his entire life in Kalimpong being hated by his own community and the entire population of Sikkim. After accomplishing the mission, the then prime minister of India, Indira Gandhi also didn’t turn her eye on Dorje, a symbol of a traitor. Our leaders will also face the same fate if they will continue to serve the foreign interests.

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