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Without implementation, Nepal’s new constitution is completing a year

By Our Reporter
20092015090209verification_new_constitution_st-5-600x0The government has decided to mark the first anniversary of the new constitution that is yet to be enforced fully with much fanfare. The government has already circulated an instruction telling all government entities to mark the day by organising special progarmmes for three days.
Nowhere in the world is the constitution day marked before its implementation. In this sense, marking of the constitution day this time will be unique in Nepal. Obviously, India, our southern neighbour, is responsible for preventing the new constitution of Federal Republic of Nepal from coming into force. India that only ‘took into notice’ of the promulgation of new constitution in Nepal, applied its full strength to foil it by backing the Madhes movement launched by the leaders who had lost the Constitution Assembly election of 2013 and imposing a blockade against Nepal for five months beginning from September last year.
But surprisingly, Nepal’s new Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal will be arriving in Nepal only after meeting the Indian leaders, who had their role in failing the constitution, to mark the first constitution day. Of course, the Nepalese will be marking the Constitution Day of their seventh constitution in 70 years. The seventh constitution is likely to have shortest life as indicated by the behaviours of our leaders and the activities of the southern neighbours and their pawns.
Although the constitution will survive until January 21, 2018, it will become dysfunctional if the government fails to hold the elections of local bodies and the provincial and federal parliament by that date. However, the political parties look less serious in accomplishing these tasks. They have not fixed the number of local units, not to talk about announcing the dates for holding the local polls. The boundaries of the provinces are yet to be demarcated which is a must to hold the local polls. Moreover, Madhes-based parties have been against the idea of holding any polls before their demands are met. But chances of meeting their demands are equally slim considering the structure of the parliament as amendment to the constitution is essential  to meet their demands but the ruling parties lack a two-thirds majority to amend the national charter. As such, there is high chance that the Nepal will be marking not only the first but the last constitution day prior to its enforcement this time.

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