Thursday , September 20 2018
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People will not tolerate further

By Our Reporter
Compared to the present day leaders, the monarchs have made remarkable contributions to keep Nepal a sovereign and independent nation. After the formation of modern Nepal, by Prithivi Narayan Shah the Great, the Ranas captured the power, nevertheless, the Ranas had also safeguarded national sovereignty. After the dawn of democracy, King Tribhuwan had less time to serve the nation, otherwise, King Mahendra and King Birendra had made tremendous contribution to build the present day Nepal.
The present day leaders are being criticized for their self-centered mentality, corruption, mal–practices, etc. To hide their notorious faces, they are still making unsuccessful attempts to omit the pages of history.
Just recently, when the spontaneous people re-erected the statue of King Birendra at the BirendraChowk in Nepalgunj, the Police, following the order from the Home Ministry, seized the statue at midnight. From such an attempt of the government, the local people became furious. Again, when the government cut-down the electricity of the Nagarjun Palace, the place allotted by the government for the deposed King Gyanendra, people have become agitated. Different patriotic groups have become united to launch an agitation against the government. The process of demonstration was started from the day when the government cut-down electricity supply at the residence of the former Queen Mother in the recent past.
The political parties in power should not undermine the present agitation of the people. If such a trend of the political parties will continue and if the level of frustration among the people will further intensify, the people themselves will restore monarchy to end the present day anarchy of the political parties.

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