Sunday , September 23 2018
Late King Birendra Bir Bikram Shah. Photo: THT/ File

By Our Reporter
It has been 15 years since King Birendra and his entire family members were massacred at the Narayanhity Palace and it has been nine years since former king Gyanedra was dethroned unlawfully. But still the powerful leaders of Nepal, who have earned bad name for working in favour of foreign powers, fear the nationalist kings. It is evident from the removal of a statute of late King Birendra from Nepalgunj in the midnight and cutting off power supply to Mahendra Manjil and the Nagarjun Palace.
The government that was forced to supply power to Mahendra Manjil, where 89-year-old queen mother has been living, the next day it cut off the power under public pressure cut off power supplied to the Nagarjun palace of former king Gyanendra stating that former king has not paid the electricity bills.
According to NEA sources, the palace owes Rs. 7.1 million power tariff bill. However, the Ministry of Culture is designated to pay the electricity bills of the palace.
Likewise, police removed a statue of late King Birendra Shah installed at Dhambojhi Chowk in Nepalgunj in less than 24 hours of its installation.

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