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Can Prime Minister Dahal address the Madhesi demands?

Is statute amendment possible without UML support?

By Our Reporter
Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal wants to register the constitution amendment bill in the parliament before embarking on his New Delhi trip on 15 September in a bid to address the demands of the Madhesi parties and to please India.
However, amendment to the constitution seems impossible unless the main opposition CPN-UML cooperate with the government. UML has already clarified that it will stand against the proposal of the constitution amendment. Together with UML, RPP-N will also oppose the constitution amendment move. These two parties have 200 lawmakers in total and they are enough to fail the amendment bill because the bill should be endorsed by two thirds majority of the 595-member parliament.  PM Dahal and NC will not be able to garner a support of about 400 lawmakers in the present houses. Parties like Nepal Majdoor Kisan Party, CPN-ML and National People’s Front will also oppose the amendment bill. These three parties have 12 lawmakers.
Even a section of the Nepali Congress is likely oppose the amendment bill. As such it looks unlikely that PM will address the demands of Madhesi without UML’s support.

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