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When puppets say it

By Prajwal Shrestha
NC supremo Sher Bahadur Deuba is not a technician, rather an unsuccessful political leader or say one among the corrupt leaders. The other day, immediately after formation of the NC-MC coalition government, Deuba said that Nepal cannot construct the Kathmandu-Nijgadh Fast Track Road Project. It is not odd that the cabinet led by late Sushil Koirala had decided to handover the project to an Indian party on the BOOT basis by ensuring a huge amount of profit in advance to the party. Not only that, the government had assured the party for managing fund to construct the project. During that time, present DPM and Home Minister Bimalendra Nidhi was the minister for physical planning and construction. This decision of the government was highly criticized and even the Supreme Court had asked the government to suspend the project for the time being. When the KP Sharma Oli led government decided to construct the project by the government itself, at that time, Deuba had opposed this decision in the parliament. That time also, Deuba had said that Nepal cannot construct such a huge project. Nevertheless, a section of technical experts believe that the Nepal government by assigning foreign construction companies, can construct such a project. As there is a huge amount of commission in the deal with the Indian party, again, conspiracy has been created to occupy this project. According to sources, during one-on-one meetings of DPM Nidhi with the Indian leaders last week, the Indian leaders had expressed security concern and also construction of this fast track road project and an international airport in Nijgadh. When such a gesture came from India, to please the Indians, “revolutionary” leader PM Pushpakamal Dahal is anxious to handover this project to the Indian party.
Our leaders have never confessed from the past behavior of India that India is not keen in construction of infrastructure projects in Nepal by ensuring economic prosperity of this country. What has happened in Karnali and Pancheshwar projects, that is open to all of us. If we handover this project recognized as priority infrastructure project by the governments, this scribe has doubt that India will never construct it. India is interested in construction of school buildings and donating ambulances directly to the individuals and communities. Presently too, India has shown to distribute one hundred thousand rupees to each earthquake victims. India wants to influence the Nepali citizens by doing minor things and she wants to keep Nepal under her grip. If Nepal’s economy will be stronger, the Nepali people will try to safeguard their nation’s sovereignty, this is the traditional Indian mentality. Therefore, the Indians never support Nepal from which Nepal can achieve economic prosperity. This is what this scribe has understood.

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