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PM Dahal’s magical formula

By Our Reporter
Prime Minister Pushpakamal Dahal, to please India as well as the Tarai based parties, has developed some magical formulas. First of all, he decided to declare all those who had died during the Tarai unrest, as martyrs and decided to provide one million to each martyr’s family. However, the previous government had already distributed such amount to the family of those who had died during the agitation.
By taking benefit of flexibility of Dahal led government, the Tarai centric parties’ leaders also included those people who had died from electric shock. Not only that, they have been declared martyrs. From such an act of the government, the true martyrs, who sacrificed their life for the cause of their motherland, have been insulted. The definition of a martyr has changed in the Nepali context when those people who had launched attack against the security personnel from across the Nepal-India international borders by receiving all kinds of supports from India, have become hero and those, even Indian citizens, have been declared martyrs in Nepal.
Furthermore, to please the Indians and the Tarai centric parties, the cabinet led by Dahal has decided to register a constitution amendment bill in the parliament. Dahal knows that without the support of UML, he cannot amend the constitution, however, he has hoped that even if the constitution is not amended, he can say that he had tried best to amend the constitution but UML didn’t support. By doing so, he wants to win the sympathy of the Indians as well as the Tarai-centric parties and by cashing the sentiment of the Tarai people, he plans to intensify his party organization in Tarai districts. He has hoped that if the Indians will put pressure on the UML leaders, the party may become ready to amend the constitution as per the demand of the Tarai centric parties.

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