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Inhuman behavior against former Queen Mother


By Our Reporter
Many intellectuals have expressed strong anger on the behaviour of the government against former Queen Mother Ratna Rajya Laxmi Devi Shah in different social networks.
They have written that cut-down of the electricity of one-time first lady’s residence is an extreme attitude of inhumanity of the present “puppet” government.
The former Queen Mother, 88, who was observing her birthday and on the next day, the government cut-down electricity supply at her residence Mahendra Manjil, inside the Narayanhitty Royal Palace premises.
Giving such a torture to a senior citizen itself is an example of cruelty, they have stated.
One among the critics of the government is none other than noted journalist and editor of popular vernacular weekly Jana Aastha, who wrote that the newly appointed Energy Minister Janardan Sharma performed inhuman behavior by cutting down electricity supply of the single lady and senior citizen.
Shrestha has further stated that what mistake did the former Queen mother had committed except from quietly giving up all the facilities and title of the Queen Mother!  Whether she committed mistake from denying to go for exile? Shrestha had questioned.
The government is providing one million rupees and is naming martyr to those who have been killed from electric shocks, in the meantime, on the allegation of not paying ¾ lakh rupees, her electricity had been cut-off, he has written.
When former King had quit the Palace, it was agreed by the then government to pay the bills against water and electricity. This agreement was done by the then prime minister Girija Prasad Koirala and the then home minister Krishna Shataula. According to Bhim Upadhaya, secrtary, Nepal Trust, when the government had decided to provide residence to the former Queen Mother through a cabinet decision, the bills against water and electricity should also be paid by the government, Shrestha has stated on his FB wall.
When the government is paying senior citizen above 65 years allowance, it is an example of injustice to cut-down the electricity of the former Queen Mother, Shrestha believes.
In fact, it is the government responsibility to pay the bills of water, electricity and telephone but the government instead of providing those supplies cut those supplies down in the former Queen Mother’s house.
But with a lot of pressure from the people and medias, the government was compelled to supply electricity once again.
Earlier, when this problem was surfaced, the then chief secretary Lilamani Poudel had said that this is the duty of the government to give such facilities to the former Queen Mother. Even though, the former Queen Mother is unable to get such facilities, which is injustice against the respected citizen.
Almost all dailies had covered this report from which local people had become angry with the government.

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