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“Revive 1990 constitution”

By Our Reporter
Former mayor of the Kathmandu Metropolis and former NC MP PL Singh said that as the country is passing through a critical phase, to get rid from the present political crisis, the 1990 constitution should be restored without any delay.
Addressing a gathering organised by the Old Force Campaign last Friday in Kathmandu, Singh said that the 2006 April uprising was launched not by the then seven parties and the Maoists but under the active involvement of the INGOs, in result, the present political deadlock has surfaced.
The 1990 constitution was introduced by the king, political parties and the general public but the seven parties and Maoists scrapped that democratic constitution, from which, the present crisis is being witnessed. Therefore, for the betterment of the nation and the people, the 1990 constitution has to be restored, Sherstha remarked.
The King had also committed a constitutional mistake by restoring the parliament, Singh remarked.
Former minister Deepak Gyawali said that as the 2015 constitution was promulgated by the foreigners, from this constitution, the identity of Nepal and Nepali people has been finished. Therefore, he urged to restore the 1990 constitution.
Gyawali stressed on restoration of Hindu religion and the institution of monarchy as the identity of the country.
Coordinator of the campaign, senior advocate Balkrishna Neupane presenting a gloomy picture of the present Nepali scenario, said that at the time when the 1990 constitution was promulgated, the country’s economic growth rate was 7.8 percent and during promulgation of the 2015 constitution, the economic growth rate declined to 0.77 percent.

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