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Gloomy scenario

editWill the disputed issues in the constitution be resolved; will there be timely elections; will there be total implementation of the constitution by 21 January 2018, there are many questions and we don’t have hopeful answers as those who were involved in the promulgation of the constitution, are also in confusion. Certainly, we believe, the present constitution is non-functional and it would create further problems instead of addressing the existing problems. We hope for political stability but the constitution doesn’t allow stability and peace except from possible violence and bloodbath.
No doubt, the political leaders themselves have been saying that the constitution was written in the interest of foreign powers and as the Nepali population have not felt ownership on the present constitution, it cannot be acceptable for them. The other lapses are that the constitution has not been able to give space to all the actors in the society, therefore, from the beginning, and even say, before the promulgation of the constitution, the country experienced a bloodbath. When the constitution was promulgated, half of the population had hit the streets protesting against the constitution and even today the situation has not changed.
Irresponsible political leaders who are happy to serve foreign interests rather than identifying the hurdles in the constitution, are fighting for power. It is surprising to note that the first government elected after the promulgation of the constitution was toppled only after nine months in the government. Now, there is a coalition government of the Nepali Congress and Maoist Center led by the Center, which is also for the next nine months and then it is said that there will be the government headed by NC. Message is clear that the political parties are willing to enjoy power turn by turn. Of course, nine months are very short for a government. It has already been two weeks since election of the new Prime Minister, yet, the cabinet has not taken full shape. When the cabinet will have a complete shape, even the PM is unaware. The sad part is that even after 16 months of the devastating earthquake, the victims of the quake are unable to get the first installment of the relief support, forget about the start of the reconstruction works! The market price of essential commodities has already become double, yet, the government has not been able to control this artificial price-hike. Just recently, the PM was found instructing his officials to control the artificial price-hike. When the PM is engaged in such minor things such as price control and stopping black-marketing, when he will get the time to think about the nation? Or say, whether the PM has any vision for short-term as well as long-term development of the nation? From the economic point of view, the country is on the verge of collapse. The actual economic growth rate is below one percent, although, the political leaders have no worry about the economic scenario.
Maoist Center supremo Pushpakamal Dahal had distributed many dreams to the Nepali citizens including the agitating Tarai centric political parties. If fulfilled the demands of the Tarai centric parties, it will obviously invite bloodbath and in the long-run, there is the threat of split of the nation. As long as we try to continue the present constitution, the country is to face one after another serious crisis. Therefore, the question is how long should we travel on such a vehicle which is heading towards a serious accident? As soon as we get out from this bus, we can escape the possible accident. This is upto the political parties in power and also upto the responsible citizens that whether to wait for accident or escape the accident!

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