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Chandragiri cable car service begins

chandragiriOn Monday the 24 of Shrawan 2073 the Bhaleshwor temple situated at the top station of the Chandragiri cable car was inaugurated as per Hindu rights and rituals. The directors and the promoters of the Chandragiri hills limited were present at the sight and the residents of Chandragiri, Chitland and Fakel were also invited for the occasion. Before the commercial inauguration of the cable car by the Directors , the local residents got a free ride on the cable car and received the prashad of the temple. 10,641 people which included the residents of Chandragiri, Chitland and Fakel took the free ride. The company which had an aim to ferry 10,000 people per day to the top Chandragiri feels feel very happy and proud to have achieved this target on the very first day. The service will begin from Tuesday on wards and will cost Rs700 per person. The cable car will be fully functional after some time only. Chandragiri is at a height of 2,551 metres and is an important religious historic and tourist sight.

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