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Anna Hazare’s new avatar?

a8e1398c3a37712c7c4444b3c8045cf3_LBy Pushpa Raj Pradhan
“In Nepal, Indians are feeling victorious while being engaged in micro-management; Chinese are engaged in curbing the Tibetan refugees but the Westerners are playing a long-term game by using NGOs”, said a member of the National Planning Commission. Comparing the amount spent in Nepal by different Western countries, the responsible authority said that the Indian and Chinese investments are very nominal.
“Indians and Chinese are only suspecting each other whereas the Westerners have already reached the remote areas with the NGO programmes related to health and education and reached each and every family in villages,” he said.
He further said that Nepalgunj is the hub of the Western INGOs.
Westerners giving birth to new Anna Hazare?:
Overnight, Dr Govinda KC is becoming or say being projected as the hero by the local media. Dr KC, a senior professor at the TU Teaching Hospital, is providing volunteer service in the floods hit area in Saptari after the recent fast onto death and he has become headlines in the media. Very few of the society members know that directly or indirectly he is associated with the US based Open Society, known as an organ of the CIA.
Alliance for Social Dialogue, located at Battisputali, Kathmandu, an overt organization supported by the Open Society, is very much active in the field of human rights and political activities. Sushil Pyakurel, who is an advisor to President Vidya Bhandary; Hari Sharma, the then advisor of ex-President Rambaran Yadav and also the political advisor of the then prime minister Girija Prasad Koirala; Himal Media Group’s Kanakmani Dixit and Gautam Rai, who is active in political field by organizing a political group known as the Bibekshil Nepali giving attractive patriotic slogans targeting youths, are actively associated with this organization funded by a New York based organization, Open Society.
The NGO has also used Dr Govinda KC for launching his fast-onto-death time and again.
From media, Kantipur Publications, Republica Publications and Himal Media are found giving exclusive coverage on KC’s activities, side by side launching a campaign against CIAA chief Lok Man Singh Karki.
The very member of the National Planning Commission said that whatever the allegation against the CIAA chairman Lokman Singh Karki, strong opposition was witnessed against him only after CIAA opened a file against Kanak Dixit. Since then, everyday we can read headlines against Singh in the mainstream media, he said. Whether Singh is right or wrong, whether impeachment should be passed against Karki or not, these are another part of the story but the Western design is to capture power by developing the image of Dr KC like that of Anna Hazare in India.
In an experimental basis, Dr Govinda KC is being made to project the role of Anna Hazare in India and the Bibekshil Nepali is being projected as the Aam Aadmi party in India, he said.
The rally organised by the Solidarity for Dr KC in Kthmandu was managed by the Bibekshil Nepali. KC staged a fast onto death demanding impeachment against CIAA chair Karki and almost all the local media gave front page coverage along with photographs of Dr KC.
It becomes clear from where our media houses are being operated. If such activities of the INGOs/NGOs are not monitored, in the name of human rights and democracy, the Westerners will make their foundation strong by replacing the traditional political forces and develop a front to carryout activities against China and India, the Planning Commission member informed.
Media under the grip of Kanak Dixit:
There are serious charges including capturing the property of Rani Jagadamba against Kanak Dixit. Even after the CIAA exposed all the details about Kanak’s fraud including investment in foreign countries, the local media has wished to remain quiet on Kanak’s case. On the other hand, on a daily basis, one after another case of irregularities and abuse of authority by the CIAA is being covered by the media. In this regard, Kanak seems very powerful who has been able to mobilize the entire local media including the BBC Nepali service. Sure, as there is Westerners’ support to Kanak, he is seen very powerful person, said a source. Imagine, if such charges were made against any other individuals, how the local media were to project the case!

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