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Rats quit sinking ship again


By Our Reporter
As in 2054 BS, a few political parties exhibited their ‘Rat’ attitude this time as well.  Former Prime Minister Lokendra Bahadur Chand coined the phrase ‘Rat attitude’ when a few sitting ministers including Kamal Thapa had changed the camp at the last moment leading to the fall of the Chand-led government in October 1997. This time Madhesi Janaadhikar Forum Loktantrik and Chand’s own party—Rastriya Prajatantra Party – showed their ‘Rat’ behaviour by withdrawing their support to the Oli-led government just a day before the discussion on the no-trust motion was to begin. Interestingly, Kamal Thapa did not exhibit the ‘Rat’ attitude this time.
MJF Loktantrik chair Bijay Gacchchhadar who held the powerful portfolio withdrew his support just a day before the parliament was to decide the fate of Oli government. The RPP did the same thing.
These two parties did all that to get a share in the new government. Gachchhadar who was supporting the government claiming that he would stand for Oli until the last moment, withdrew his support when he saw no survival chance of the government.
However, it looks unlikely that the RPP and MJF-Loktantrik will get their share in the new government as the Maoist Centre and NC are planning to induct ministers from the parties which put their signature in the no-trust motion.
The popular term’ Rat attitude’ was coined referring to the popular saying that the rats quit a sinking ship. The latest political development suggests presence of a large number of rat-like lawmakers in the legislature parliament of Nepal. And these ‘rat-like’ lawmakers should be blamed for the political instability in Nepal.

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