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Economy in doldrums

By Prajwal Shrestha
We know, Nepal is a country having enough potentiality for prosperous economy, unfortunately, millions of  people have gone abroad for low quality job as they were unable to secure their future in this country. Our educational institutions in the past as well as in present are producing political leaders instead of skilled manpower needed for the country. During the Panchayat days, the so-called communists had made the educational institutions as the platform to carry out their political activities. Most of the teachers were either communist or congress activists and they were teaching politics based on their ideology rather than giving quality education to the students. Today, if counted, most of the leaders in the NC or UML or Maoist Center are from the teaching profession. They taught the students on how to launch strike, demonstrate and intensify unrest. When the students were groomed on such a background,  we can see the government universities facing prolonged strike, gheraow and office lock-ups. Similarly, labour forces in industries are also following the same practice.
During the Panchayat days, the political parties were banned,  thus, the political leaders used the student force as the forefront to fulfill their political goals. For last 25 years, the political parties have not been banned instead they are in ruling position. Still  the student force and the labour force are being used to fulfill the interests of the political parties. Meanwhile, politics has become a business to make money without investment. If the parties are in power, the leaders make money through corruption and commission and if the parties remain in opposition or if they are underground parties, they are found launching extortion derive to collect money. Today, many leaders in Maoist center are billionaires, everybody knows their real truth. In this way, politics has become a lucrative profession for the youths.
Nepal was known as an agro-product exporting country but today, we are importing every product from abroad. Remittance revenue has become the main source of foreign currency. If the manpower business collapses then our economy is going to collapse  as well.
Talking about Thailand and South Korea, three decades ago, both the countries were below the per capita income compared to Nepal. But later, both the countries gave special priority on production of manpower needed for the country. Text books were developed as per the need of the country. In result, today, both the countries are far ahead than us.
Talking about Singapore, this is a small island without natural resources. Even drinking water is  supplied from Malaysia. The only option left for Singapore was to develop the country as an industrial and business hub. Today, Singapore is ranked as a developed country.
Talking about our own country, we are gifted with natural resources  but we are even not able  to utilize the natural resources. Due to lack of vision of the political leaders and due inappropriate policy of the government, the country is suffering.  Our economy has become serious victim of the politics we have adopted. It is surprising to know that we have around 200 political parties and the process of opening new political parties is still continuing. We have adopted such a political system that it will never allow political stability in the country. For instance, the KP Sharma Oli led government after nine months has collapsed and the new government under Pushpakamal Dahal is just for anothernine months. The mentality of each and every leader is to go to the government and earn money through corruption or commission. If such a system will continue or if such a mentality among the leaders does not change then, it is difficult to believe that we can achieve economic prosperity!

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