Thursday , September 20 2018
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People’s Review completes 25 years journey

By Pushpa Raj Pradhan
It is obviously a matter of glory to inform our valued readers that with the publication of 49 issues in the past one year, People’s Review weekly has completed its 25 years journey. In the past 25 years, we experienced many ups and downs in the process of standing in an independent manner. Even during very bad days in term of financial position, we never compromised with our stance on national interests. We will still maintain this stance.
There is a large crowd of newspapers and Online portals as well, even in such a crowd, we have been able to stand with our own identity. Perhaps, vested interests groups wishing to weaken national sovereignty, national unity and national indivisibility may not be happy with us, in the meantime, larger force of patriotic people admire us and this is the strength of this Weekly. As we have seen today’s political turmoil, we strongly believe in constitutional monarchy, Hindu nation and unilateral governance structure for political stability, economic prosperity and betterment of the nation as well as the countrymen. In the absence of the institution of monarchy, which is regarded as symbol of unity, the nation is heading towards communal disputes; after removal of Hindu state, we have witnessed cultural and religious interference; after adoption of federal structure, we have witnessed communal disputes and, more seriously, some separatist groups are trying to raise their heads. Therefore, to keep the motherland intact, indivisible and prosperous, we believe, republic, secular federalism should be removed from the constitution. This is our conviction and we believe, this is the conviction of above 90 percent of the Nepalese population.
Surely, we cannot make all the people happy all the time, nevertheless, we laude the voice of majority of the population, whose voice has been suppressed by those who are serving vested foreign interests. The suppressed voices are our readers and also our strength. We take this opportunity to thank our valued readers for their encouragement, sympathy and support to the Weekly.
Besides, we wish to extend our thanks to our valued advertisers and seek continuous support in the days to come as well. Furthermore, we commend the entire team associated with this Weekly for their hardworking to give a new height to the Weekly.

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