Tuesday , September 18 2018
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Pathetic Humor

It’s pathetic at best, humorous at worse. Pathetic because it merely demonstrates that myopic partisan approaches to as grievous a topic as the nation’s constitution can so convolute and confuse the constitutional process as to fuel growing negativism on Nepali democracy. Humorous because of the antics our national leadership can delve into in the absence of a coherent constitutional process in their perennial search for political power and the naked reach for the ever insatiable political spoils. The fact of the matter is that what has been dished out as a constitution to the country by our leadership is merely a document of agreements among a select group of politicians who monopolize political organizations in the country with the intents of perpetuating that monopoly. As a result, the inevitable eventuality of discord immediately impacts upon the so-called constitution rendering the total constitutional process awry.
Those who ask how a government can function after loosing its majority in parliament should have asked, at time of endorsing the constitution, how they saw a consensus government last until the next general election in order to put in a clause saying that no no-confidence motion would be introduced in parliament for two years. Already, the government has challenged the speaker’s allegedly partisan decision to suspend House business to allow the no-confidence motion to mature. If the squabble escalates, another predictable quarry to sully is likely to be the President whose partisan background in the current power sharing arrangement can also drag her into the partisan fray.
So much for speculation, that is. Everything else that is being sold as political analysis of the current political fray in the country becomes merely partisan or humorous. Having destroyed fundamental principles of constitutionalism in the political quest for a constitution, analyses in grounds of what the current constitution says can merely be dismissed as partisan since the current constitution, far from standing on the firm principles of law making is merely a political document subject to political interpretations. This is what is being done. But it is being done so nakedly in the name of jurisprudence that the lay public can merely point out the political allegiance of each ‘expert’ dished out as analyst and shudder at the actual impact of partisan politics on Nepali professionalism. Even crystal ball gazing, favorite pastime for analysts on such all too frequent occasions, can merely be ignored by the knowledgeable as partisan advocacy. When the actual tools of political analyses—structural, function, socio-psychological, institutional, and systemic and what have you—have actually been sacrificed at the altar of political convenience, how does one analyze? Indeed, even the actors in decision making impacting on the current developments have been made so diverse, from national to international, the spate of interests in these political developments and their interests in essentially a domestic development defy logical analysis, the results of such attempts adding to the humor. All this adds costs to the nation, sorry state surely.

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