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“Loktantra” has failed!

pushpa columnThe result of the April 2006 uprising was that ‘Prajantantra’ was replaced by “Loktantra”. Instead of “Prajatantra”, all the political leaders started to say “Loktantra” and this scribe had understood all the time that “Loktantra” was a mere  synonym of “Prajatantra” i.e. democracy, which was wrong.
Before 1990, there was partyless Panchayat democracy in the country. The 1989 “people’s movement” introduced multiparty democracy. This democracy also didn’t run smoothly, not because of the system but because of the self-centered political leaders. During the 16 years of multiparty democratic era, late Girija Prasad Koirala was the person who enjoyed the position of the executive chief for a long time. Koirala, instead of strengthening and institutionalizing democratic organs, introduced and institutionalized corruption, commission, nepotism, favouritism, sycophancy like anomalies in the politics. Democracy, which we had understood as “for the people, by the people and of the people” was thus defined as “for the leaders, by the leaders of the leaders”. Unfortunately, by taking benefit of the dirty and corrupt political environment, the Maoists launched “people’s war” in the name of revolutionary transformation of the country, which claimed life of over 15 thousand innocent people in the ten years of the “People’s War”.
After the 12-point agreement between the parliamentarian parties and the then terrorist declared Maoist party under the mediation of the Indians in New Delhi, the so-called “united peaceful agitation” was intensified in Kathmandu in collaboration with the Indian venture.
It has already been 10 years since the introduction of“loktantra” and about one year since the introduction of the “loktantrik” constitution. We saw the Maoists in power but we didn’t see any drastic change. Instead we saw the Maoist leaders also following the traditional practice of corruption, commission, favouritism, nepotism sycophancy as introduced by Girija Prasad Koirala.
The country faced devastating earthquake on 25th of April causing a heavy loss to lives, property as well as destruction of historical structures. The political leaders were least bothered about helping the victims instead they were fighting for power all the time. Oli led government faced vote of no confidence just in nine months. NC and Maoist have developed alliance with an understanding of running the government by the two parties, for nine months each. Nine month is a very short period to work for a government. If such a trend will continue, it will cause a great loss to our economic development as without political stability there is no possibility of economic development.
A political system should be introduced for better economy, better life of the people but the present “loktantra” is concentrated only on fighting for sharing the power. It seems, the present political system is just for the betterment of the political leaders rather than the nation and the citizens.
The constitution is so vague that one can define the constitution from different angles. Currently, PM Oli is claiming that the constitution has not introduced the provision of election of the next government during the transitional period. Oli is right. On the other hand, pro-NC and Maoist legal experts are claiming that it is natural to elect a new PM if the PM loses majority in the parliament. Constitutional expert Dr Bhimarjun Acharya has challenged that under this constitution, the Oli Government cannot be toppled. In this regard, the constitution has become a political document with full of controversies and it has already failed.

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