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Govinda KC’s strike is likely to spoil career of many

Dr-Gobinda-KCBy Our Reporter
The government has completely ignored the fast-unto-death strike being staged by Professor Dr Govinda KC demanding correction of all malpractices prevalent in the country’s medical education sector.
The indifference shown by the government to Dr KC’s strike has angered the public greatly and this is likely to cause a public wrath soon. The indifference of the UML-led government to KC’s demand and strike only proved that the UML leaders have their hands in the growing malpractices in the country’s health sector. Obviously, KC’s strike has hurt the business interest of many UML lawmakers like Rajendra Pande who have invested in the proposed Manamohan Medical College, which has failed to receive operation permission due to KC’s repeated strike.
Not giving permission to open new medical colleges in Kathmandu for a decade has been one of the demands of Dr KC which is also included in the report prepared by the team of Kedar Bhakta Mathema. In the past Pande had even said that Dr KC should be allowed to die but his demands be never met. And now when Pande’s party is leading the government, KC’s strike is not responded by the government.
By the time this report was prepared, Dr KC’s hunger strike has entered the 10th day and the government has not responded it. However, on the ninth day a team of Social Justice and Human Rights Committee of the Parliament visited Dr KC and submitted a report to Prime Minister Oli asking him to address KC’s demand. Interestingly, the UML lawmakers representing the parliament committee did not go to see Dr KC. This only proved UML’s prejudice against him.
While supporters of Dr KC are gradually on the rise, Private Medical and Dental College Association took a rally under Dr Bhola;s Rijal’s leadership denouncing Dr KC’s strike. Dr Rijal who supported the past agitation of Dr KC has opposed his latest strike probably realizing that KC’s demand will also affect his business. There have already been news stories about violation of rules by Rijal’s college—Nepal Medical College. Chief of the Commission for the Investigation of Abuse of Authority Lokman Singh  Karki is suspected to have his hands in encouraging the team of  Dr Rijal to take to the streets. KC this time has demanded parliamentary impeachment against Karki for making unnecessary interference in the MBBS entrance exams with an ill intention. Karki had termed KC as insane ‘man’.
The resident doctors, doctors associations, medical students and general mass have been expressing their solidarity with Dr KC. The youths took to the street while many educated men have supported KC’ through a campaign on social sites. Still the government is hesitating to address his demands. If the government delays in addressing KC’s demand, it looks like KC would not be ready to end his strike unless the government meets all his demands including impeachment against Karki.
However, the other side of story is different.  An NGO named Alliance for Social Dialogue is involved in provoking Dr KC to stage fast-onto-death. Sushil Pyakurel, who is an advisor to President Vidya Bhandary; Hari Sharma, the then advisor of ex-President Rambaran Yadav and also the political advisor of the then prime minister Girija Prasad Koirala; Himal Media Group’s Kanakmani Dixit and Gautam Rai, who is active in political field by organizing a political group of Bibekshil Nepali by giving attractive slogans targeting youths are actively associated with this organization funded by a New York based CIA funded organization, Open Society. Also, some big media houses including Kantipur Publications, Republica, Himal Media Group are found backing Dr Govinda KC.

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