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Difficult to understand!

By Prajwal Shrestha
Dr Govinda KC is on fast-onto-death with several demands including stopping the opening of new teaching hospitals. It sounds good that the medical students should get opportunity to study  free of cost and opening of such teaching hospitals in remote parts of the country. The question is that is it possible to run teaching hospitals in remote areas? Who will go to teach there and who will be the students?
There are two schools of thoughts, one is in support of Dr KC’s demands whereas another is against it. Of course, the government bodies should hold the capacity to monitor the teaching hospitals properly. But the idea of not allowing the new teaching hospital to run is wrong. Even if the government doesn’t provide license to run new teaching hospitals, students will go abroad to study medical course, i.e. we will be sending our money abroad. If the students get chance to study in quality teaching hospitals within the country, the country can stop export of our foreign currency abroad. Likewise, if our teaching hospitals provide quality education, we can attract foreign students to study medical science in Nepal. Furthermore, if the government will support the medical institutions to introduce quality service, there is a great scope of developing the country as a medical tourist destination. In the region, Thailand is attracting thousands of Europeans and Americans for medical treatments as one can get best medical service in best price. This is the time to learn from Thailand or Singapore and the government should encourage the private sector medical institutions to provide better service. If it does so, Nepali people will stop visiting foreign countries for their medical treatment, in the meantime, foreigners will visit Nepal for their treatment. Whether Dr KC has thought from this angle or not, this scribe has no idea but his idea of denying giving permission to the medical institutions which have even spent a huge amount of money for infrastructural development after they received no-objection letter from the concerned authorities to run the teaching hospitals is quite baffling. Sure, one should not compromise on standard and quality of the education but sending our kids to foreign countries to study medical science is not a good idea from the point of economic prosperity of the country. As our economics has already been ruined due to different reasons, if we want to achieve economic prosperity, we have to think on reducing imports and increasing exports. Particularly talking about the medical field, by producing capable human resources, Nepal should develop the country as medical hub from which foreigners may visit Nepal for medical service, and our students don’t need to go abroad for study.
In his eighth fast-on-to death, he has dragged CIAA chairman Lokman Singh Karki also. KC has demanded impeachment against Singh. This has given a new twist on Dr KC’s demands. Now, Dr KC wants are difficult to understand.

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