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Political instability to continue

18032016060009PM-OliBy Our Reporter
Finally the Maoist Center (MC) has withdrawn its support to the Oli led government and decided to recall its ministers on the allegation that PM Oli violated the gentleman’s agreement. MC has decided to end the present partnership with the UML and develop a new alliance with the NC.
From the very beginning we have been writing that the present constitution will not be able to give a stable government as it has introduced such an election model through which one single party will never be able to have the necessary majority to run the government.
Currently, the nine-month-old KP Sharma Oli led government is facing the same problem. Every new day begins with the reports of toppling the government from which Oli has become fed-up. At the meeting held on Monday evening (11 July) with CPN Maoist Center chairman Pushpakamal Dahal, Oli had thus said, “I am not a power-hungry person. If you want to stay with us further, we will move together and if you want to break the alliance, that is also okay.”
Dahal was surprised from such a reply from Oli and returned empty-handed.
Dahal knows better that NC is not going to support him openheartedly, rather, it wants to use Dahal for the time being. NC’s prime agenda is to topple the present Oli-led government at any cost. Even if NC supports Dahal to become the PM, that will be for a very short period.
Dahal humiliated:
Maoist Centre Headquarters endorsed the decision to make efforts to form a national consensus government. Carrying this decision, Dahal went to meet Deuba. Deuba bluntly rejected the idea of formation of a national consensus government. So far, he said to Dahal that if CPN Maoist Centre will quit the government, at that time, NC may think on supporting Dahal to become the prime minister of a majority government. NC’s strategy is clear that it wants to topple down the present alliance government.
Again, when Dahal went to meet PM Oli, the latter remarked that Dahal can take back his party’s support to the present government.
Humiliated Dahal is found saying that there is no environment to stay in the present government further.  As a  result, Dahal has been compelled to take a decision of breaking  the partnership with the UML and recalling all the his party’s ministers.

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