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Ox’s horn on goat’s head!

By PR Pradhan


Describing on the present political situation Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli said that a goat cannot bear the load of an ox’s horn. Oli has spoken the truth that the present constitution, which has been imposed by the Westerners as an experiment, has become an ox’s horn on a goat’s head. Even after nine months of endorsement of the constitution, there are still disputes going on among the political parties  on many vital issues. Nepal is a tiny country but the political leaders are busy with big politics. Due to the self-centered politics, since the introduction of the multiparty democracy in 1990, none of the government has been able to complete the full tenure granted by the constitution. Furthermore, after introduction of “loktantra” in 2006, we witnessed dirty politics in which morale or ethics has completely disappeared. And now, we have imposed a camel like constitution which is going to invite political instability on  a permanent basis due to the provision of proportional election, none of the party is going to  have the required majority to form a government. Therefore, there will always be a hung parliament dominated by the small political parties. We are experiencing many odd things in the name of politics. Now-a-days, MCP Maoist Center (MC) chairman Pushpakamal Dahal is  huffing and puffing  to become the prime minister. The MC is the third largest party and the party’s chair is claiming to form a national consensus government, if not, a majority government even at the cost of toppling its coalition partner, the CPN UML. The government was formed just nine months ago. Within this period, Dahal has already made two attempts to topple the government consisting of ministers from his  own party. KP Sharma Oli is the executive chief of the government. According to the constitution, he is the most powerful person. But the fact is, he is very weak and even small parties in the governmen can dictate him.
The sad part is that there is open and strong domination of the foreign powers in the political parties. Specially talking about the present state of the political parties or their leaders, they are under strong influence of the foreign powers and Nepal has become the playground of the foreign powers. A senior officer in the government informed  this scribe that the Americans, European Union, the UK and some Scandinavian countries are competing here against each other to fulfill their vested interests. So far, China and India are also in the race but the Chinese are maintaining “gentleman diplomacy” whereas the Indians are maintaining the traditional style of distributing money to the individuals and organizations through their intelligence agencies and looks like the, Indians have lately failed in their policy .. The official also informed that the Americans and Europeans are reaching out to each and every family in  the country. The Americans, through one project of nutrition, has reached out to six hundred fifty thousand household in the country, he informed. The US has made the largest investment in the country by mobilizing INGOs/NGOs, he informed.
He further informed that in some areas, there is a greater alliance among the Americans, Europeans and Indians. This is aimed at disturbing China from the Nepali soil. In  other areas, there is an alliance between the Americans and the Europeans by bypassing India.,While in  certain areas, Americans and Europeans are  working on their own, single handed.. This means that the foreign powers are developing alliance on the basis of their common interests or particular interests. The US is acountry which also enjoys the facility of non-budgetary as well as non-treasury expenditure. Besides, India is another country enjoying such a facility, the official described.  From such a facility, the expenditure made by these countries doesn’t come under the radar of the government’s budget. Through such facilities, the foreign countries have been able to manipulate the political leaders as well as the bureaucrats in fulfilling their vested interests of the concerned countries, he described.
As “loktantra” has introduced anarchism, there is daylight robbery in the country. The political parties are heavily involved in corruption and the development works have been very badly affected as well. For eleven months, all the ministries are lying idle  and on the 12th month 85 percent of the development budget is  spent, whic is quite shocking.  and  there is no effective organization to check and control such corrupt practices. As this is the last month of the current fiscal year, all the government organs are in a hurry to spend the government budget. It is an open secret that all these last moment activities are carried out  to show our government is functioning!
None of the government organs is serious on national interests, nation’s sovereignty, independence and up-liftment of the economy. The political leaders are ready to do anything if there is a huge amount of commission. The decision to handover the Kathmandu-Nijgadh fast track road project by the previous government to an Indian party was based on receiving a hefty amount of commission by causing the nation a great loss. The present nine-month old government including different political parties said to be “people’s proletariat”, CPN Maoist Center are involved in different corruption cases. Therefore, one can define this “loktantra” as a system which has allowed corruption  to come out of the Pandors’s box.. In other words, “loktantra” has been seen as a political system having an ox’s horn on a goat’s head.

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