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Costly constitution

By Our Reporter
The leaders of the three major parties wanted a constitution at any cost. Therefore, the three parties introduced a very expensive constitution compared to the fund invested to draft this constitution. It is believed that this constitution is one of the most expensive constitutions in the world. As the Western powers were active in writing the constitution with their vested interests, the constitution has become  a camel. A constitution is the main law of the nation, however, in the case of Nepalese, it has become a compilation of political documents of the major three parties – NC, UML and UCPNM. The constitution was promulgated on such an inauspicious day that majority of the population was staging street demonstration against the constitution. The leaders of the three parties were celebrating the promulgation of constitution  with  great fanfare, at the same time, another section of the population was launching violent agitation in which many people  sacrificed their lives. Furthermore, the country witnessed months-long economic embargo from India.
It has already been ten months since promulgation of the constitution, yet, the process of implementation of the constitution has not started properly.. Yes, we have enough time to implement the constitution as we have to complete the entire process by 21 January, 2017. The current debate is whether we will complete all the tasks by this date? Just the other day, the government was able to assign the Chief Election Commissioner. The new chief at the Election Commission is saying that without writing a new election law, elections are impossible. There are more than three hundred laws which have to be introduced in accordance to the constitution. Due to the party’s interests, it took months just to constitute the Public Hearing Committee. With the Parliament  performance in such a manner, question  arise whether it will be able to write all the necessary laws  in  time or not!
Be that as it may, there still exists the serious dispute on demarcation of the boundaries of the provinces. Can the government resolve the dispute on boundaries easily? This is a burning question. Furthermore, other disputes are likely to  surface after resolving  the boundaries’ issue.
The Maoist Centre, major coalition partner in the present government has decided to recall all its ministers in the cabinet. This is a gesture that the present coalition government is not here for long. Possibly, there will be another coalition government supported by NC. Change of the government is not a major issue but the present constitution is never going to give a stable government as through the existing election modality, one single party can rarely have the necessary majority. Besides, the major challenge can be operational cost of the seven provinces. From where the government plans to bring money to operate the seven provinces, God knows!
In conclusion, the present constitution is not only expensive but also unbearable for a country like Nepal. As the constitution has been introduced by discarding aspirations of the majority of the people, the implementation of the constitution is very much challenging.

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