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Oli’s countdown begins again

By Our Reporter
The move to pull down the present government that had failed about two months ago, has again surfaced with the leaders of main opposition NC and the ruling CPN-Maoist Centre engaging in meetings to topple the government.
The last attempt to pull down the government that had begun immediately after NC president Sher Bahadur Deuba’s New Delhi sojourn had failed when CPN-Maoist Centre boss Pushpa Kamal Dahal made a U turn at the last moment stating that he was not ready to become a prime minister of majority.
Deuba had offered the post of prime minister to Dahal and the latter also showed interest in becoming the PM of Nepal for the second time in eight years. But he quit the idea later.
Again the NC and Maoist leaders have revived the move, especially after Deuba threw a dinner to the Maoist leaders at his Budanilkantha residence recently.
However, with the failure of their first bid, NC leaders are suspicious about Dahal. NC leader Krishna Sitaula recently said in Pokhara that they could not trust Dahal’s words.
“We will decide about forming the new government only after the CPN-Maoist makes its decision public,” Sitaula was quoted by the newspapers.
Leaders from both the CPN-Maoist and NC want to replace the government accusing it of not performing well. The CPN-Maoist leaders who joined the Maoist Centre have been more critical to the government only because they want to become ministers as a prize of their home return.
The Maoists also fear whether the government will revive the conflict-era cases. Though CPN-UML-led government had survived the first move made to topple it by signing an agreement between the two communist parties to not revive the conflict-era cases, a few Maoist leaders have been active to replace the Oli-led government with Dahal-led ones.
However, it is not certain whether the NC and Maoists stand together till the moment the present government collapses.
NC leaders have told the Maoists that they would support them to lead the government only if they (Maoists) quit the present government.
However, Dahal the other day again said that he was not in favour of forming another majority government replacing the existing one.
Again, a few constitutional experts have claimed that the new constitution does not allow to the parties to form a new government until the present parliament is replaced by a new one.
These all suggest that the government may not fall in the near future but its ground has already been shaky as Dahal has a deep desire to become a PM again and he can one day give up his stance of not to lead a majority government. As such, the government is likely to collapse at any moment. Above all, India also wants an early exit of PM Oli at any cost.

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