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Lessons for Nepal from Dhaka attacks

By Our Reporter
The terrorists’ attack in Dhaka, Bangladesh, last week, in which 20 foreigners were killed should serve a big lesson to Nepal.
No one had expected that IS would target Bangladesh, as the small Islamist state had no big role in irritating or pleasing any terrorist group. It had been free from the extremist groups like Talibans though a few small groups were active without causing any damages top life and property until a few weeks back.
But such speculations came to an on Friday evening when a small group of IS entered a popular café located at Gulsan area and took a hostage of a large number of restaurant goers and killed 20 foreigners sparing the lives of only Moslems.
Those killed included nine Italians, seven Japanese, a US citizen and an Indian student. Though the Bangladesh government refuted the claims of the Islamic State (IS) group that it had its hand in the massacre, international news agencies reported the IS had killed the foreign nationals.
Nepali leaders though condemned the criminal acts, they have not yet made public their plans to foil any similar attacks in Kathmandu. Of course, the IS can target Nepal at any time as the security system in Kathmandu is very weak. Anyone can easily enter Nepal in the disguise of Indian nationals by taking advantage of the open borders between Nepal and India and carry their terrorist missions.
Therefore, the government needs to learn a lesson from the Dhaka attack and improve the security system. Likewise, process to close the open border with India should be initiated at the earliest possible.

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