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Destroying historical documents

After the earthquake last year damaged the building of the National Library, the books there have been dumped in the bags and most of the books have already been destroyed, reports say. The National Library is one of the oldest libraries having collection of valuable and historical books on religion, …

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Nine months after the statute House Regulations endorsed


By Our Reporter It took almost nine months for the major political parties to reach an agreement on the House regulations. The political parties, which were together to draft and promulgate the constitution in September last year, were sharply divided over the provisions of the Houses Regulations. The main opposition …

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UDMF-Government talks uncertain

By Our Reporter It has been almost six months since the Madhesi parties quit their Terai based agitation but no meaningful talks have been held between the agitating parties and the government over these months. The agitating Madhesi parties together with a few fringe communal parties are now launching their …

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Constitution cannot be implemented


Advocate Jagdish Dahal had come to Kathmandu from a village in Sankhuwasawa for his education. Dahal has been teaching in various collages in Kathmandu after receiving his degree in constitutional politics. Since the last two decades he has been practicing law at the Supreme Court. He is also working as …

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Right? Wrong? It depends

nepali netbook

BY MAILA BAJE As Prime Minister Khadga Prasad Oli insists on ‘implementing’ the Constitution within a defined structure and specific time-frame, two of his six deputies find themselves in an interesting position. Kamal Thapa of the Rastriya Prajantantra Party Nepal and Chitra Bahadur K.C. of the Rastriya Janamorcha vociferously oppose …

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From bad to worst


By PR Pradhan Three decades ago, Nepal’s economy was far better than South Korean economy; the value of Nepalese rupees was double than the Thai bhat; China was struggling to feed the population due to poverty; India was suffering from poverty and rampant corruption. Nepal was taking positive path of …

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Setting Deadlines

Politics does not wait. Schedules are set for political convenience in Nepal. They are postponed the same way. When the Nepali Congress was squabbling over election and leadership issues between Girija Koirala and Sher Bahadur Deuba, Deuba the prime minister, constitutionally approached the king to dissolve parliament for elections. Koirala, …

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Dangers of Britain Exiting the European Union

‘Great Britain’ may transform into ‘Little England’ BY SHASHI P.B.B. MALLA & CHANDRA BAHADUR PARBATE This Thursday, June 23rd, a very great transformation may occur not only in the islands of the United Kingdom, but also in continental Europe, and by inference also in the world at large. On this …

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“New” Nepal or ruined Nepal!

BY PRAJWAL SHRESTHA The World Bank has warned that the decline in remittance revenue can be a serious threat to this country. Surely, our economy is not heading towards a right direction. We could not develop industrial environment creating job opportunity for our youths. Industries are closed or say ruined …

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Importance of getting your geopolitical sums right


KATHMANDU: Ripple effects from Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s fourth scurry to the United States are many – some visible, others not. Included in the former category is that a day following his ‘historic’ address to a joint session of Congress, the US Senate refused to recognise India as a …

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