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How can we save Shajha Prakashan?

By Our Business Observer Just recently, the Shajha Prakashan has handed over a memorandum to the government urging rescue of the Publications from its crisis for survival. The management there has asked the government to exempt all the old debt otherwise, it has warned to dispose its assets to clear …

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Doctoring the body politic

Dr. Govinda KC

BY MAILA BAJE When Dr. Govinda K.C. demanded the impeachment of Lok Man Singh Karki, the last thing he expected was a prompt official diagnosis of the state of his own mental health. Yet that was what the prominent orthopedic surgeon got in return for pressing parliament to start proceedings …

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Brexit: Lessons to learn


By PR Pradhan The United Kingdom has decided to exit from the European Union, a body of 28-member European countries. The referendum on last Thursday had tried to define the democracy in other ways. The new definition can be that the national security and national identity come first than the …

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Mocking the State


Mainstream politics and their extension in the media have deliberately excluded actual blow by blow accounts of the events leading to the current malaise. We are made to forget the call attention letter to parliament by late King Birendra querying the nature of the Maoist armed movement — political, economic, …

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Britain & Europe: A Parting of the Ways

BY SHASHI P.B.B. MALLA Why did the UK decide to leave?: The U.K. has voted to leave the European Union (EU) following an historic referendum on its membership with 52 percent voting for leaving or ‘Brexit” and 48 percent for remaining. The die is now cast, but how and why …

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Ensure peaceful labour for economic prosperity

BY PRAJWAL SHRESTHA Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli is frequently found saying that Nepal is an investment friendly country. How far is this statement true?, as an investor has to face series of hurdles once he makes his investment in the country. First of all, the investor has to face …

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Brexit: key takeaways for ‘naya’ Nepal


BY M.R. JOSSE KATHMANDU: The outcome of the historic 23 June referendum backing UK’s exit from the EU – 52% to 48% – has had a seismic and global impact. Its ripple effects have been manifested far and wide, with reactions broadly fluctuating between the untrammeled joy, primordial fear and …

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When small is counted

Five rupees is a small amount but when it is added, it becomes a huge amount. The government has been able to collect 240 million rupees within two weeks from one customs office against the infrastructure development tax on petro-products with the aim of constructing Budhigandaki Dam Hydropower Project. It …

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Building the successor generation of women in leadership

Dev raj dahal

BY DEV RAJ DAHAL Introduction Awareness about gender equality is blowing the winds of change, overturning the historical status quo, shattering the grisly gender myths and reshaping women-sensitive policies. The rebellious generation of women has revealed multiple narratives about their experience of freedom, work and recognition. With determination, you can …

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Tourism booms on plateau after 10 years of Qinghai Tibet Railway

china railway

LHASA, June 23 (Xinhua) — Tuotuohe River Station maybe small but it is an important stop along the Qinghai-Tibet railway, the world’s highest altitude train line, which links the Tibetan capital Lhasa in southwest China and Xining, capital of Qinghai in the northwest. Tuotuohe is about 4,000 meters above sea …

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