Tuesday , September 25 2018
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Time to raise national flag!

Senate shresthaSenate Shrestha, a young patriotic political leader, who has not associated himself with any of the political parties, has urged for rising Nepal’s national flag rather than carrying the parties flags.
Issuing a statement he has stated that we the Nepalese have been so much involved with the political parties that we have forgotten our nation, we carry the party flag but we have forgotten to raise the national flag.
“The so-called democracy is only limited in words, parties and leaders are doing everything just for power and money. So hasn’t the time come to fight for the true democracy for the people,” Shrestha has questioned.
The political leaders of today have failed to deliver the fruits of democracy to the people; we have not been able to experience a free and fair election; the leader and the parties have manipulated the fruits of democracy, therefore, this is the time to join hands to expose the bad deeds of the political leaders as well as the political parties, Shrestha has remarked.
In democracy whichever party comes to power, the administration and police must be neutral and fair to the people but they have been manipulated by the parties and its leaders; the judiciary must be equal and fair to all either rich or poor but they too have been manipulated by the parties and leaders to fulfill their pity interests.
In democracy the development works must be fair but now in the name of development, we just see corruption, and again they are the leaders and parties that are involved in it.
“The so-called leaders talk about making a 21st century nation but can they tell us in which developed nation students, doctors, labours, lawyers, teachers, etc. are involved in politics? Just for political greed for power and post, the political leaders have exploited them. It seems the leaders don’t know Nepal and the Nepalis as some of us are living in the 16th century, some in the 17th, 18th and maybe some in the 19th century! Instead of bringing programs to uplift the people and the nation, our leaders has come up with castes, communalities, provinces, etc. just for their vote, power and money!”, Shrestha has remarked.
“Isn’t this time to come and fight for the problems we face in every government offices; to fight against corruption; to fight for a development?”
“Hasn’t the time come for us to think what kind of a country we are going to leave for our coming generation; hasn’t the time come to fight for true democracy? So, let’s keep aside the party flag for once; let’s rise above the party politics for once and come under the national flag and rise the national flag!”, Shrestha has urged.

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