Thursday , September 20 2018

By Our Reporter
Baburam-Bhattarai1After quitting his mother party UCPN Maoist, Baburam Bhattarai (BRB) has launched a new party “Naya Shakti” (New Force) by including all the old people.
Bhattarai has claimed that his party is no more a communist party, rather, a party which has adopted good characteristics in all the ideologies. However, he has not made clear in which political direction the party will move forward.
Bhattarai, by quitting his mother party, has made clear that he had adopted a wrong ideology, from which, thousands of people were dead and economically, the country has been pushed 50 years back. Whether Bhattarai has any regret on it?
Whatsoever be the New Force’s political agenda, Bhattarai seems highly influenced from the Panchyeti philosophy, which was a fusion of communism and capitalism. Bhattarai has talked about economic revolution, which was the prime agenda of the Panchayat philosophy. The other characteristic of the Panchayat philosophy was class coordination instead of the Communist ideology “class conflict”.
The Panchayat philosophy claimed that it was amicable with the country. Bhattarai has already removed the pictures of Marx, Lenin and Mao and if Bhattarai believes that the Panchayat system was a good, sustainable and suitable system for the country, he should not be hesitant to hang King Mahendra’s photograph!
However, Bhattarai will not do so as he is highly influenced from India and it is believed that he was able to launch a new party with sole investment of the Indian establishment. Indians had used him to run the Maoist party as per the design of India and when his duty was accomplished, he has opened this new shop to fulfill Indian interests, say political observers.
Already there are above 160 political parties and Bhattarai has added one new party just to make the Indians happy, therefore, one should not accept any new things from those who have already tested people, say political pundits.

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