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“Transparent” “Naya Shakti” spends Rs 100 million?

By Our Reporter

Baburam Bhattarai announced launching of a new political party, “Naya Shakti” (new force) with great fanfare on 12 June. All the broad-sheet newspapers, except from the government undertaking Gorkhapatra and The Rising Nepal had published “jacket” advertisements covering their front and inside pages advertisement focusing on the photograph of Baburam Bhattarai. The advertisement cost is estimated to be 10 million rupees. Some television channels were sponsored for live telecast of the opening ceremony from the Dashrath Stadium.
Rallies were organized from different parts of the capital to the Dashrath Stadium. Most of the people participating in the rallies were brought from tarai districts by paying money. The total expenditure for the launching ceremony is estimated at 100 million rupees, according to Tarun vernacular weekly.
Bhattarai lauded that his party’s movement is for economic revolution; good governance and good conduct; independence and sovereignty; enhanced socialism; equitable prosperity and proportional, inclusive and participatory democracy.
Bhattarai claimed that within 25 years – within his lifetime — he will achieve the goal of economic transformation.
It sounds good as Bhattarai has expressed commitment for economic revolution but looking after the people behind him, it is difficult to believe his words.
First of all, the party is confused on its ideology. Bhattarai, who commanded the “people’s war” as the second-man, is responsible for killing of thousands of innocent people, doesn’t wish to follow communism, neither, he wishes to remember Karl Marx, Lenin and Mao, on whose name and ideology, he had started his political career.
Talking about good governance and transparency, none other than his wife, Hishila Yemi, is mentioned as the most corrupt political leader. Furthermore, when Bhattarai became the prime minister, he established the record of forming a super jumbo cabinet.
Bhattarai is talking about new force by gathering all the old faces.
To add, when the party was launched, everybody was questioning from where Bhatarai received the money to spend in such a lavish way!
No doubt, Bhattarai is an India confidante. Sources claim that Bhattarai was serving the Indian intelligence since his student days. When the constitution was promulgated without the Indian consent, Indians became very much angry and Bhattarai was given the task to split the party. So far, along with some party leaders, Bhattarai, as per the instruction of the Indians, quit the party. In the course of giving birth to the Naya Shakti, Bhattarai was travelling to different parts of the country along with minimum five assistants. His travel also counts money but he never felt scarcity of money. Political observers believe that as per the Indian instruction, the Naya Shakti has got birth and the party is solely sponsored by India. Also, the political observers believe that Bhattarai, even if his party will bags 4/5 seats in the parliament, will become the PM under the blessings of the Indians.

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