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Is Oli safe now?

By Our Reporter
06032016084132KP-OLI-1000x0Whether Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli-led government is safe, there are speculations within the political circles. Of course, PM Oli has said that he will not be an obstacle if there will be an environment for the formation of a national government. Similarly, Maoist Center’s chairman Pushpakamal Dahal is also saying that he will become the PM if there will be an environment for formation of a national government. As there is no possibility of formation of a national government in the near future, it is believed that the Oli government is safe for the time being. On the other hand, Oli is claiming that the very government will conduct all the elections and handover the power to the next elected government to be formed by 21 January 2018.
The Oli faction in the UML is happy that Dahal, who was offered with the PM’s post with the support of the NC, has betrayed and exposed the NC very badly. Therefore, NC will not trust Dahal. This is true. But one section in the NC, Tarai centric parties and also Indians are cooking something against Oli. A source claimed that NC and Tarai centric parties may put forward a condition that they will join the national government if Madhav Nepal will become ready to be the prime minister. NC has already made clear that it will not join the government led by KP Oli. If the proposal to form a national government led by Nepal, at that situation, the Oli government may face crisis and even can be toppled, say observers.

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