Saturday , September 22 2018
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Government fails to mobilize party workers in reconstruction works

By Our Reporter
The government has failed to convince the political parties to mobiles their cadres in the reconstruction works. Even the ruling parties have been unable to send their activists in the reconstruction works.
Prime Minister K. P. Sharma Oli, who urged the political parties to mobilize their activists in the reconstruction works, has himself failed to send the UML cadres to the quake affected areas.
Although the activists of the major three parties were in the forefront in supporting the quake victims by building temporary huts for them, the cadres are now hesitating to provide any support to rebuild the damaged settlements. This clearly suggests that the party carders have become more professional and they do not work unless they are paid.
At a time when there is urgent need to expedite the reconstruction drive in the quake-hit areas many civil servants and the engineers are reluctant to go villages to support the reconstruction works. Over 500 engineers selected by the National Reconstruction Authority to mobilize in the quake-hit areas have refused to go to the working sites citing that the salary was not enough to meet their expenses. And the government cannot take any action against the employees who refused to follow the government instruction. Now the activists of the political parties have started not obeying the instructions of party bosses to go to the quake-hit areas. At least, the UML and Maoist activists should have reached the villages as their parties are in the government.

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