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Nepal expects visit of Chinese Presidents Xi

By Our Reporter
cin-ukraynanin-yeni-cumhurbaskani-ile-isbirligi-yapmaya-hazirWhen Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli was on a visit to China, President Xi Jinping had given the gesture that he had the wish to visit Nepal. From this diplomatic message, Nepal became confident that President Xi would visit Nepal soon. Meanwhile, when the South China Morning Post publishing from Hong Kong and The Hindu publishing from India reported that President Xi would visit Nepal on the way to attend the BRICS Summit to be held in Goa, India in October, this was further confirmed.
Of course, there is high possibility of visit of Chinese President to Nepal granted there will be political stability. If there will be efforts for changing the government or disputes among the political parties during the visit of the Chinese President, the visit could be cancelled. To add, President Xi has given high priority to the relations with the neighbouring countries. In this regard, the President has already visited many of the neighbouring countries, Nepal is the priority destination for President Xi.
Earlier, when Nepal and China were celebrating the 60th anniversary of the establishment of the diplomatic relations, the visit of top ranking leaders to Nepal were excepted but when the political parties were in dispute in writing of the constitution, the Chinese leaders, who believe in non-interference in domestic affairs of any of the friendly countries, didn’t visit Nepal.
However, the government authorities have no official information regarding the visit.
Furthermore, the Nepal government is willing to organize the visit of Indian President Pranav Mukharjee before August. Earlier to the visit of the Indian President, Nepal’s President Vidya Bhandary is likely to visit India. DPM and Foreign Minister Kamal Thapa, upon his return from Delhi on Sunday, informed to the press that President Bhandary’s visit to India, which was cancelled at the last hours, will resume soon.

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