Thursday , September 20 2018
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Politicizing bureaucracy a wrong practice

By Our Reporter
The present KP Oli government has formally introduced trade unionism in civil service by conducting elections of the employees’ union. The government spent Rs 60 million rupees to conduct the ‘senseless’ election, which will have a bad impact on civil service sector in the long run. The bureaucracy, considered as the permanent government, which was politicized with the advent of the multiparty democracy in 1990. Then the UML, which was the opposition in the bicameral parliament, had instigated the civil servants to stage protests against the Girija Prasad Koirala-led NC government, which created a division among the civil servants as Congress and Leftist. Now the present UML-led government has committed a bigger blunder by institutionalizing politics in bureaucracy by holding the election of trade union.
Now, the bureaucracy will be operated from the trade union rather than the government mechanism. This means, the bureaucracy will not remain under the government control all the time. There is a danger that the politically guided bureaucracy will not cooperate with the government of the rival political parties and could cause its failure. Trade unionism in bureaucracy could invite the situation where two parallel governments exist at once. Former chief secretaries Bimal Koirala and Lilamani Poudel have expressed their strong dissatisfaction towards the recognition of trade union in bureaucracy stating that trade union could destroy bureaucracy. Not only former chief secretaries but a few NC leaders have also expressed their ire against the creation of trade union in bureaucracy.
The civil servants, who have already earned a bad name for their corrupt nature and inefficient performance, will surely be more irresponsible when they are allowed to do party politics. Moreover, they cannot cater service in a fair manner as they tend to favour the service seekers who follow the different political ideology and support the rival party of the service providers.

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