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Oli government to continue

KP-OliBy Our Reporter
Prime Minister K. P. Oli has said that he was ready to hand over power if the parties agreed to form a national consensus government. A meeting of his party CPN-UML has also stressed the need for forming a consensus government to implement the new constitution.
However, it looks unlikely that the political parties will be ready to form such a consensus government. NC may not join the UML-led government while UML may not be the part of the Maoist Centre-led government because the fate of the present government lies on the hand of Pushpa Kamal Dahal. The UML cannot join the Dahal-led government when Dahal himself becomes cause of the fall of the government. NC cannot lead the government when its popularity has diminished after late Sushil Koirala decided to contest for the post of prime minister in the Indian support. Again, NC will not find a consensus candidate. Party president Sher Bahadur Deuba has not had good image among the genuine NC leaders and activists because of his role in breaking the party in 2004 and dissolving the parliament. The NC as well as the Madhes based parties may also not be ready to join the Maoist-led government. Also India does not want Pushpa Kamal Dahal as new PM while the Chinese may not trust him due to his dubious roles in the past. All these circumstances will only favour of Oli.
Prime Minister Oli was compelled to call the party meeting when senior leaders Madhav Kumar Nepal and Jhalanath Khanal openly criticized PM Oli demanding that he should abide by the ‘gentleman agreement’ believed to have reached with Maoist centre boss Dahal to hand over power to the latter after the tabulation of budget. PM Oli has denied any such agreement. US and India are blamed for instigating Nepal and Khanal against the government led by their own party.
Of course, Prime Minister Oli has been under pressure to quit the job both from his main coalition partner Maoist as well as his rivals within the CPN-UML. India and West has been against him right from the day he assumed the high post in October last year. As such, PM Oli answered all his enemies by telling that he was ready to hand over power if the parties reach an agreement to form a consensus government, which is impossible at the moment. This means he will be in power till the next general elections in 2018. PM Oli too claimed that he would stay in power till 2018. He reiterated this also on Monday while addressing the meeting of Kathmandu University.
While the political parties may not be able to form a consensus government, public also want continuity to the present government so that the important agreements reached between Nepal and China would be implemented. Mass believes that PM Oli represents the nationalist forces while the new government that will replace the present one will be the puppet government of India.

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