Tuesday , September 25 2018
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Now trade unions in government offices

The KP Sharma Oli led government has officially recognized government trade unions by providing 60 million rupees to conduct elections and also by giving holiday to conduct the election.
At a time when the industries are facing disturbances from the unnecessary demands put forward by the trade unions, the government has introduced trade unions in government offices. In fact, the civil servants are receiving salary and allowances from the tax payers’ money and they should be independent and deliver service to the people. Against such a theme, the government has divided the civil servants into different political parties and the political parties, instead of harnessing service from the civil servants, have given the party colour to them. Now, the trade unions will direct the bureaucracy. This is the state of the permanent government in “loktantra”!
It is unfortunate to state that the government which hesitated to give national holiday on the birth anniversary of Great King Prithivi Narayan Shah, who founded modern Nepal, gave holiday to the civil servants on the voting day!

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