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‘King, symbol of unity’

By Our Reportercrown_king_Nepal
Senate Shrestha, a strong supporter of the institution of monarchy, said that the institution is still a symbol of unity. When the former King visited Sunsari district in the course of paying homage to different temples, thousands of locals belonging to different political parties including Tarai Madhesh Loktantrik Party, Madhesh Janadhikar Forum, Sadbhawana Party spontaneously gathered in Inarwa to welcome the former King. The security force had to struggle hard to manage the spontaneous crowd, said Shrestha, former assistant minister.
In a very short notice, the former King had visited Inarwa still, thousands of people had gathered to welcome the former King, he said.
“Many people who were keen to see the former King, were unable to come due to the transportation problem”, he said.
Talking about the present political scenario, Senate Shrestha said that the people have been fed up from the attitude of the political leaders. They are corrupt, they are not taking care of the voters, they are fighting for unnecessary agendas from which the country is heading towards a communal conflict, he said.
“We have a long history of communal harmony but some anti-social elements are trying to destroy social harmony”, he said.
When national songs including “Yo Nepali Seer Uchali, were played, tears were seen in the eyes of many people, he said. Today, we can see party flags everywhere but one can rarely see the national flag, which is surprising, he said.
Shrestha, who is not associated with any of the political parties, said that he is highly encouraged from the aspiration of the people, therefore, he is planning to launch a campaign to restore Hindu monarchy with unilateral governance structure by replacing federalism.
Shrestha said that in a country like Nepal, federalism cannot function. If a federal structure is imposed, that will be very costly for the country and the countrymen, he remarked.
“This constitution is imposed by foreigners, therefore, it cannot adjust in our society”, he said.

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