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State of a beautiful country

By Kushal Thapa
Nepal is a beautiful country but all the people living in this beautiful country are not beautiful and some of them are even evil. The bureaucrats, politicians, leaders and many people who matters the most to the country and its people are all corrupt. Nepal could definitely have been the nicest place to live on this Earth but that’s not the case and will still not be for many years to come, until and unless people change and bring about a change in the system.
The bureaucratic process of Nepal is very slow and clumsy and least bothered about the people and the things happening in the country. All the officials care about is their post, power and money. We can take the example of the earthquake. It has already been a year since the devastating earthquake struck Nepal. The devastation it caused was huge. The quake killed nearly 9,000 people while damaging or destroying almost 800,000 homes and leaving people homeless. Even after a year, the earthquake victims are still homeless despite the fact that large amount of funds, relief materials and other aid were donated to the government by many foreign countries. But those materials and funds still have not been distributed to the victims by the government. I hope that they did not distribute these funds among themselves. If the government cannot even build a shelter for the quake victim in one year’s time then we can forget about other development works and stop expecting anything from the government.
The government is still sleeping despite the wakeup call. It has done almost nothing to prepare itself from getting hit by another quake. What the self-centred government doesn’t understand is that, their money, power, authority etc… does not help much if we are not prepared and another big one hits us. Because an earthquake can hit anyone, any time and it doesn’t care about money, wealth or power. So, if they prepare themselves and the people for another quake then it would be good for both the sides and would help save a lot of lives.
Besides earthquake, there are other problems which show Nepal is governed by wrong, corrupted set of people. Problem of load shedding, lack of proper drinking water, lack of proper transport system, lack of proper health facility and hospitals, poverty in the country etc…. all shows that everything is wrong in the country because even the basic needs – food, clothes & shelter – have not been met. People in Nepal are so corrupt that more than half of the fund given for development activities vanishes even before the project starts. The word “honesty” doesn’t seem to exist in the lexicon of this set of people.
Oh and I nearly forgot to mention that after the unofficial blockade by our so called neighbouring country, Nepalese have got new job of black-marketing, which can make them overnight millionaires. They have become so good at it that they can even create fake crisis in the market and sell their products especially the cooking gas and petroleum product. And no one seems to be doing anything about this, just forget about stopping it.
So, this is the state of this beautiful country. If all the people were honest, sincere to their work and were not greedy then this country would have been a better place to live. But corruption, greediness, dishonesty etc… are stopping this country from developing and pulling the country downwards.
I wish Nepal could have a system like some of the other stricter countries where corrupted people are given harsh punishment and maybe only then the corruption level in Nepal would be reduced.
I remember my brother, a doctor currently working in USA with his wife and a 2 year old daughter said he with his family wanted to come back to Nepal after working over there for a few years but was confused whether to stay there or to come back to Nepal due to certain things like load shedding, no drinking water, lack of proper system, poor transportation, lack of job opportunities, pollution etc… I wish I could have confidently told him to return to his own country and work over here. But besides family, I had no better reason to give him to make him come back. I am not worried about the absence of a family member but very much pained by the the loss of two very intelligent and qualified medical personnel who are very necessary for a poor but beautiful country like ours.

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