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PM spends 30 million in throwing party!

At a time when the earthquake victims are compelled to stay under the sky, PM KP Sharma Oli is busy in hosting dinner parties. Only in the six months, the PMO has spent 30 million rupees from the state coffer for lunch and dinner parties.
When President Xi Jinping came to power in China, he gave the instruction to the government authorities to cut down party expenses and also to cut down foreign visits of the government officials. This is an effort for cutting down unnecessary and unproductive expenditure. China is a booming economy, but still it is cutting down unproductive expenditure, but a poverty ridden country’s Prime Minister is spending such a big amount in throwing lunch and dinner parties in a lavish manner! No problem, this is “loktantra”!

Are the CIAA allegations true?
The journalist leaders and even civil society leaders have been polarized on the issue of the arrest of “senior” journalist and civic society leader Kanak Mani Dixit. One section is saying that CIAA chair Lokman Singh has taken personal revenge on Dixit whereas another section is saying that if Dixit had done wrong, he should be punished. In the meantime, a team of foreign based journalists have demanded immediate release of Dixit.
CIAA has alleged that Dixit, by violating the law of the nation, has opened bank accounts in foreign banks and also misused funds from different countries received by him to run the Himal South Asia magazine. Dixit is not only a journalist but also a human right activist who has also been openly speaking on government accountability and transparency. Therefore, Dixit should give justifiable reply in public whether he has opened bank accounts in foreign countries and whether he has misused foreign money! Otherwise he should not talk about transparency or media ethics.

Fate of ambassadorial candidates
The 21 ambassadorial candidates’ future has become uncertain after the NC said that it would not support the government in the assignment of the ambassadorial candidates named by the government. Without NC’s agreement, the public hearing committee cannot be constituted. There is one option for reviving the previous public hearing committee in the CA but for this also, the government needs NC’s approval. However, the UML is saying that if NC will perform non-cooperation, the government will constitute the public hearing committee through voting. That is also very much challengeable.
Due to the delay in the constitution of the public hearing committee, the appointment of chief justice witnessed hurdles and the new chief justice is working in the capacity of acting chief justice. On the other hand, the Supreme Court is facing scarcity of justices, but on the appointment of the justices also, the government is facing constitutional problems. As morning shows the day, how is our constitution, that can be speculated from the present hurdles.

Candle lighting or tree plantation?
The nation observed the first anniversary of the 25 April devastating earthquake with much fanfare. Different organisations lit candles in public places paying tribute to those who lost their lives in the earthquake.
As the country is facing de-forestation problem, if trees were planted in memory of the deceased people, at least, some contribution could be made for greenery. Also, this could spread a positive message for saving plants to protect earth from global warming!

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