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Nationwide movement for Hindu kingdom

By Our Reporter, Ramchandra Baniya Chettri, a resident of Birtamod, Jhapa, informed that his organization is launching a nationwide movement to restore Nepal as a Hindu kingdom.
Chettri, chair of the Deshbhakta Nagarik Abhiyan Nepal (Patriotic Citizens’ Campaign Nepal) and also chair of the National Joint Religious Forum Hindu Rastra Nepal, a front of 25 religious organizations, talking to People’s Review, said that a joint move has been initiated to restore Nepal as a Hindu kingdom and to cancel federalism. He said that the front of different organisations is observing 4 Jesth (17 May) as a black day as on that day, Nepal was declared a secular republic.
As this constitution is imposed by the foreign puppets in the interests of the foreign powers, he is in a mission to scrap this constitution, Chettri remarked.
Besides restoration of Hindu kingdom and scraping federalism, his campaign is to return back the Nepali territory lost after the Sugauli Treaty. Chettri recalled that in the past he had launched a campaign in collaboration with late Yogi Naraharinath by constituting an organization named Nepali Soil Preservation Forum to return Nepali territory lost in Sugauli Treaty. He claimed that Nepal was expanded to the western part of Bangladesh in the east to northern part of Pakistan in the west and Ganges River in the south. In Bangladesh, around 4000 bighas of our land has been included, he said.
He explained that according to the map of greater Nepal developed by Keshab Gurung, which is described at the Article one of the compilation of Nepal’s treaties published by Yogi Naraharinath, his organization is campaigning for return of the lost territories of Nepal.
“We never want to make Nepal to become another Lebanon, we will never allow the rulers to divide Nepal on the basis of different communal groups; we will never allow intervention of the foreign army in our soil,” Chettri said.
He claimed that there are thousands of people under his organization and they all are preparing to launch a nationwide movement to achieve the above goals.
Chettri, as he intensified the campaign, he faced different nine fake cases including the allegation of plotting a bomb attack in a Church. He was arrested and tortured by the Police. Still he is facing four court cases on fake charges by the Christians.
He so far, clarified that his organisations are not against any of the organisations and beliefs, however, his organisations are trying to develop relations with the patriotic forces in other countries and never organizing activities by hurting interests of the neigbouring and other friendly countries.

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