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1974 AD US tour

image003One of the most popular  and successful bands amongst Nepali audience 1974 AD with its new line up departed for the US on Wednesday, where they are set to perform at seven venues.
The band will launch the tour with a performance at the Broadway Studios in San Francisco on August 27, before playing at venues in Seattle, St Louis, Dallas, Washington DC, Baltimore, before wrapping up the seven-legged tour in Boston.
The tour follows the band’s recent release of their ninth studio album, Hazaar Sapana, earlier this month. The album is the band’s first after unveiling their new line up-with Rohit John Chhetri on vocals and guitars, Prajjwal Mukhiya on keys and vocals, Subash Jung Pandey on trumpet and Pratick baniya on Tombrone—in 2015. Founding members, bassist Nirakar Yakthumba, guitarist Manoj Kumar KC and percussionist Sanjay Shrestha, continue to play with the band.
1974 is one of few Nepali bands who have stood the test of time. Formed in the early 90’s, the band, over the course of their eight albums, went on to establish themselves as one of the biggest and the most successful bands in the Nepali music industry. The band famously incorporates genres ranging from Nepali folk, ragas, rock, funk, blues and jazz into their music. Band members have described the new album as a mixture of each artist’s musical background and hence, encompassing unique elements ranging from funky bass-lines, smooth jazz from the trumpet and trombone, electric guitar riffs as well as 1974 AD’s original Nepali essence.

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