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By Our Reporter
image001image003When PM Dahal was meeting with the Indian leaders, including his counterpart, he was in a suit with tie on his neck. Besides, he was wearing a cap from which we could assume that he was a Nepali. However, the other officials in his team, including the foreign minister and the government officials were in national dress daura-surwal. Dahal was seen as like a cartoon among the Nepali delegates.
When Indian PM Narendra Modi was welcoming Dahal on 16 September,  Dahal’s wife Sita was seen in an odd position. From her sourly face expression it could be understood that she was not happy from the welcome by Modi. Furthermore, she was at the side of Modi as if she was the host.
Interestingly, when Modi greeted her with “Namaste”, Sita extended her hand for a handshake on which Modi had felt an odd.
More serious to note that at the reception hosted by our embassy in Delhi, Sita was found comfortably sitting at sofa by folding her legs on sofa leaving her shoes on the floor.
Of course, our leaders who have come from jungle may not be aware about protocol and the dress code but there is the protocol department in the foreign ministry and the chief of protocol and also some officials from this department were also included in the PM’s entourage. This is the duty of the protocol officers to make aware about dress code and protocol to their visiting leaders. The question is that whether the protocol officers had not informed about the diplomatic protocol or our leaders and their spouse had neglected the protocol code! However, the performance of PM Dahal and his wife were the incidents from which the entire Nepalis have felt insulted and humiliated.
The Indians, who are very much conscious about the dress code and protocol as they were under the British colony for years, might have made fun on Dahal and his spouse Sita!

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